Make do

I know what you mean. It took us so long to do the pantry because of having to “make do”. Back before.. I would have purchased can rotators from witout even batting an eye as I handed over my charge card. After all simple payments right?
Instead we spent hours looking at what we wanted, digging for scraps of wood to make them from, changed our plans many, many times and slowly got it built because it had to be done outside and the weather didn’t co-operate. But you know what, we are very pleased with the result of our family project. It is a custom fit for our pantry.
I really NEED my garden this year too, but I find it hard to force myself to get out there and weed like I should—still having periodic coughing fits. I’d much rather sit in the shade and watch Brat gosling play than weed. I’d rather fill my can rotators with foods I can purchase, than work at growing at it—right now. But this fall when all those shiny jars of home canned foods glimmer back at me from the basement shelves the pride wiil set in and I will feel good at what I have provided for my family. Just like you will.

Blogging helps me stay focused, hopefully it helps others too.

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