I know how you feel—however—-NOW is totally different

BEFORE—you would put something on credit—-thereby, costing you much, much more (the interest, etc).

NOW, you know that if you really want something—you can afford it—it is just a matter of how long it will take you to save for it.

BEFORE—you were digging yourself deeper and deeper into debt–thereby—decreasing your net worth.

NOW—you are debt free, except for the house—and you net worth is increasing.

BEFORE—every little emergency was a big deal.

NOW– you have an emergency fund and little emergencies are “no big deal”

So—while I feel your pain in the “income has decreased to the same as 10 years ago” category (hubby and I are just now getting to 3/4s of what we made 10 years ago—we were under half for a very long time)……

You have made PROGRESS and your future is much brighter for it !!!!!

I totally understand what you are both saying

But as someone who freezes up looking at a spreadsheet (heart flutters, panic sets in). I find programs like mint.com really helpful for managing my spending.

Also, as an organizer, I get paid to help people get rid of their stuff (all things they should technically be able to do on their own, all things they can actully really do on their own) but ….people reach a point with both their belongings and their money where they simply have no idea where to start, it all seems completely overwhelming, paralysis sets in and no action become the reaction.

For people in these situations, paying for a D.R. program, or software, or paying for an organizer, is often the helping hand up they need to begin the process of getting their lives together. My guess would be that there is the same underlying currents to both people who have “too much stuff” and those who have issues with their money. It is rarely just about the money or just about the stuff.

I give a lot of freebies away on my facebook group and if people followed all of them, they would never need to hire me, but some people need more resources than simple tips and nothing helps like hiring an expert. Most of my clients end of finding the resources to pay for me and then some during the organizing process (uncashed cheques, actual cash, or selling unused or unwanted items). They often make money by hiring me and have a mental freedom by being unburdened by their belongings.

I think that many of the Dave Ramsay clients would feel the same way. They spend money on the program but find that money and more by cutting expenses, tucking away savings, and finding an new freedom by being unburdened by their bills piling up. To me, peace of mind is priceless.

Sometimes it stinks to be so logical though

I decided not to go into Sam’s this week to check out my food saver options after you so patiently outlined my choices, Jan. I knew if I walked in there, I’d be tempted to pick up just a few items, and honestly, there’s no such thing as just a few items once I get going in that place, so I’ll just wait things out until my husband is able to get more work and we have more money coming in. I also desperately want to get a new shredder. The one we’ve had is close to 20 years old and it just burned itself up this week. My husband looked at it, and said that I completely killed it this past week and it’s definitely not able to be fixed. I’m going to just put anything I’d normally shred into our burn barrel and again, wait until the time is right to purchase another heavy duty shredder as a replacement. None of these are emergencies, and years ago, I would have been “normal” and just run out and bought what I wanted and worried about paying for it later, but now I can’t justify being stupid. I’m also not going to feel badly because we don’t have the extra money (guaranteed payday loans) that we used to have, because we truly are in a good place compared to most people, it’s simply that we’re just a might bit short on money for the extras right now. No biggie. I’ll appreciate these items when I can actually feel good about making the purchases and we have the surplus available to buy these items, in the meantime, I’m grateful that I’m not one of those people who feels victimized or feels battered because things are a bit off for us financially right not (I’m certainly not saying anyone here is like this, it simply seems this is how it is presented to us by the media). We’re still moving in the right direction, even if it is a bit slowly right now, and I’m sure the majority here feels the same way as I.

Well, most ducks can’t climb

Muscovies or Barbary ducks are technically not ducks but a tropical perching bird more similar to geese than ducks. In the wild they perch in trees. Here on the ranch Casino, our lone drake, sleeps either under the deck or on the deck rail because he is so fat he’s probably more than the standard 15# for drakes, the girls will max out at 7#. The new girls are perchers and once they are released to free range next week will either sleep on the perches in the little coop–where they are sleeping now, or in the trees with the guinea fowl.

Once Casino comes out from under the cool deck where he is hiding from the heat right now I’ll try to get a photo of his gorgeous ugliness. Yep, Muscovies are one of the few birds were the females are prettier than the males, by a long shot. This site has several nice Muscovy photos on it.

Casino would be considered a black drake although he has a little white on him. Also his facial structure/mask and feet–with his long curling toe nails is black. The girls are one white–Henny Penny, two pieds/magpies Faith and Hope and one chocolate, Cocoa. I’m hoping once they are released we’ll get a fall batch of ducklings.

Scobies are such good pest control especially flies, mosquitoes, and rodents we’d like to build up a large flock of them again. They are self sufficient, so we could travel and not worry about them with the auto feeder/waterer set-up. Did I mention they don’t quack? They hiss and chortle, but it is all very quiet.

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