It was Abraham Lincoln who said:

“and this too shall pass”? Really? My first husband’s lovely aunt, Aunt Muff, used to say that all the time. I was sure she made it up! I’m truly not as ignorant as this must sound, but I loved that woman and think of her saying this all the time, and to think, she got it from Abe! I just learned something new today, along with info about a Fidelty fund I wasn’t aware of. I learn new things from you guys all the time!

I too can relate to the things taking longer than you want them to…

A year and a half ago—we moved from the big mortgage, big house on 10 acres that we had lived in for 12 years….to the paid cash for fixer up house on a double lot.

And, when I say fixer upper—I mean fixer upper.

We have done a number of small projects to improve to make it habitable since we moved in—however—a LOT more need done.

Right now, our project is the roof and it is taking F O R E V E R.

There are spots in the ceilings inside that are completely damaged from previous water damage–but we won’t be fixing those until the roof is done.

We have been working on it—and have one section of the roof done….but we are saving and doing one section at a time.

Old me—would have just put everything on a credit card or took out a loan.

New me—looks at the hideous roof and ceiling spots —and most days smiles that we are paying cash..

But some days—-I ask myself—why don’t I just quit being stubborn and open a card to put this on and be done with it.

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