It was Abraham Lincoln who said:

“and this too shall pass”? Really? My first husband’s lovely aunt, Aunt Muff, used to say that all the time. I was sure she made it up! I’m truly not as ignorant as this must sound, but I loved that woman and think of her saying this all the time, and to think, she got it from Abe! I just learned something new today, along with info about a Fidelty fund I wasn’t aware of. I learn new things from you guys all the time!

I totally understand what you are both saying

But as someone who freezes up looking at a spreadsheet (heart flutters, panic sets in). I find programs like really helpful for managing my spending.

Also, as an organizer, I get paid to help people get rid of their stuff (all things they should technically be able to do on their own, all things they can actully really do on their own) but ….people reach a point with both their belongings and their money where they simply have no idea where to start, it all seems completely overwhelming, paralysis sets in and no action become the reaction.

For people in these situations, paying for a D.R. program, or software, or paying for an organizer, is often the helping hand up they need to begin the process of getting their lives together. My guess would be that there is the same underlying currents to both people who have “too much stuff” and those who have issues with their money. It is rarely just about the money or just about the stuff.

I give a lot of freebies away on my facebook group and if people followed all of them, they would never need to hire me, but some people need more resources than simple tips and nothing helps like hiring an expert. Most of my clients end of finding the resources to pay for me and then some during the organizing process (uncashed cheques, actual cash, or selling unused or unwanted items). They often make money by hiring me and have a mental freedom by being unburdened by their belongings.

I think that many of the Dave Ramsay clients would feel the same way. They spend money on the program but find that money and more by cutting expenses, tucking away savings, and finding an new freedom by being unburdened by their bills piling up. To me, peace of mind is priceless.

We experienced the very same thing when the business had to relocate

only we are older then you are…. This was surely not where we had planned to be in our 50’s… rather discouraging…. at least the house and car are paid for….really trying to garden and homestead a bit more so I won’t starve to death since our retirement includes what is left at SS and the dismal amount in savings

Reading that story about habits of the poor got me thinking about something

I got used to saying “I can’t afford it” before when I had a low salary, but still put a lot of stuff on credit. Then when I got a higher salary, I was focused on paying off debt for the most part.
Now I have no consumer debt, but I’m also back to a lower salary. So in a sense, I’m right back(financially) where I was about 10 years ago. Not sure that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling…

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