When children are growing up

They daydream about growing up and becoming a doctor, fireman, policeman, teacher, nurse, engineer, artist, clothing designer, etc.
They may daydream about owning a business too. But more dream about curing a disease, finding a way to end war, finding a way to end pollution on the planet. Do you really thing that Jenner was dreaming about the profit when he invented the polio vaccine?
Most of the research that is truly a step forward in medicine occurs in academic centers, where the pay is relatively low. Those that actually do the research and burn the midnight oil in the labs are not really profit driven, but are driven by altruism and the desire to contribute meaningfully to others. The desire to be respected, loved, and revered is important too.

Few children dream about being a CEO or a COO of a major company. Few want to be accountants. These occupations are not the stuff of dreams.

I also said that I was cynical about “businesses” not “business.” Unregulated capitalism isn’t all that great either. Capitalism needs to be controlled. Capitalism has given us child labor and slavery, too, as you recall, as well as some of the positives you alluded to.

When one makes or buys these coins, what does this contribute to society?

Maybe I expect people to be driven by more than profit. Maybe they are motivated by wanting to be healthy, happy, respected and free. And freedom does not mean being tied down by excessive possessions.

So maybe I’m not so cynical after all.

But, wait

you’re not digging yourself further into a hole, and you’ve learned to live within your wage earnings. My kids hear from me all the time, “It’s not in the budget right now.” I set up a weekly budget for our family every Friday, and I don’t have much wiggle room right now. I don’t feel poorer because of it, I actually feel empowered. We’re still putting away money for all the necessary investments (retirement, education, savings, sinking funds), but most weeks, there’s not a lot extra left. I don’t feel as if we can’t afford things; we’re simply living within our earnings each week as meager as they may be at times. I think it’s just the way you choose to look at things.

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