For the both of you

I completely understand your depression, but I also know that both of you (Eldred and Lea) are really far better off than you were previously.
Neither of you no longer have to flinch when the phone rings and check the caller ID to see if you want to answer it or not. That is far better than you were when you were in debt. Both of you know how to budget now—even though the budget is very tight.
You are both fighters.
And most importantly you are both inspiration for the rest of us who are still struggling to get debt free. We need you and you are always there for us. In turn we are here for you.
As Abraham Lincoln said “this too shall pass”
Now take your Pollyanna pills and hang in there.

We experienced the very same thing when the business had to relocate

only we are older then you are…. This was surely not where we had planned to be in our 50’s… rather discouraging…. at least the house and car are paid for….really trying to garden and homestead a bit more so I won’t starve to death since our retirement includes what is left at SS and the dismal amount in savings

Reading that story about habits of the poor got me thinking about something

I got used to saying “I can’t afford it” before when I had a low salary, but still put a lot of stuff on credit. Then when I got a higher salary, I was focused on paying off debt for the most part.
Now I have no consumer debt, but I’m also back to a lower salary. So in a sense, I’m right back(financially) where I was about 10 years ago. Not sure that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling…

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