Well, most ducks can’t climb

Muscovies or Barbary ducks are technically not ducks but a tropical perching bird more similar to geese than ducks. In the wild they perch in trees. Here on the ranch Casino, our lone drake, sleeps either under the deck or on the deck rail because he is so fat he’s probably more than the standard 15# for drakes, the girls will max out at 7#. The new girls are perchers and once they are released to free range next week will either sleep on the perches in the little coop–where they are sleeping now, or in the trees with the guinea fowl.

Once Casino comes out from under the cool deck where he is hiding from the heat right now I’ll try to get a photo of his gorgeous ugliness. Yep, Muscovies are one of the few birds were the females are prettier than the males, by a long shot. This site has several nice Muscovy photos on it.

Casino would be considered a black drake although he has a little white on him. Also his facial structure/mask and feet–with his long curling toe nails is black. The girls are one white–Henny Penny, two pieds/magpies Faith and Hope and one chocolate, Cocoa. I’m hoping once they are released we’ll get a fall batch of ducklings.

Scobies are such good pest control especially flies, mosquitoes, and rodents we’d like to build up a large flock of them again. They are self sufficient, so we could travel and not worry about them with the auto feeder/waterer set-up. Did I mention they don’t quack? They hiss and chortle, but it is all very quiet.

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